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오스트리아 빈 출생이며 22살에 오스트리아 빈 국립음대 피아노과와 작곡과를 졸업함과 동시에 동 대학 교수가 되었다.
1967년부터 1979년까지 빈 국립음대 교수였으며, 1986년부터 2014년까지 독일 뮌헨국립음대교수였다.

2014년 겨울학기부터는 모차르테움 잘츠부르크 국립음대 교수 및 독일 프랑크푸르트와 영국왕립음악원 초청교수로도 활약중이다.

그의 제자 또는 같이 연주한 성악가로는 이름만 들어도 알 수 있는 세계 최고의 성악가들인 Irmgard Seefried, Ileana Cotrubas, Grace Bumbry, Barbara Bonney, Angelika Kirchschlager, Ian Bostridge, Annette Dasch, Diana Damrau, Olaf Bar, Bo Skovhus, Michael Volle, Mauro Peter, Matthias Goerne, Bernd Weikl, Andreas Schmidt, Jonas Kaufmann이 있으며 바리톤 Hermann Prey와는 12년이상 동안 전속 반주자로 활동해왔다.

2012년에 Diana Damrau와 함께 작업한 Liszt CD는 독일 평론가 상을 받았으며, 그 외에도 수많은 앨범으로 많은 상을 수상하였다. 현재 세계적인 테너이자 제자인 Jonas Kaufmann과 함께 슈베르트의 겨울나그네로 뉴욕 카네기홀을 시작, 시카고, 바로셀로나, 제네바, 베를린, 그라츠, 런던, 파리, 프라하, 모스크바 그리고 마지막 밀라노 라 스칼라 극장등에서 가곡 독창회를 연주한다.






Helmut Deutsch ranks among the finest, most successful and in-demand song recital accompanists of the world. He was born in Vienna, where he studied at the Conservatory, the Music Academy and the University.

He was awarded the Composition Prize of Vienna in 1965 and appointed professor at the age of twenty-four.

Although he has performed with leading instrumentalists as a chamber musician, he has concentrated primarily on accompanying in song recitals.

At the beginning of his career he worked with the soprano Irmgard Seefried, but the most important singer of his early years was Hermann Prey, whom he accompanied as a permanent partner for twelve years. Subsequently he has worked with many of the most important recital singers and played in the world’s major music centres. His collaborations with Jonas Kaufmann, Diana Damrau and Michael Volle are currently among his most important.

Deutsch has recorded more than a hundred CDs. In recent years the development of young talent has been especially close to his heart. After his professorship in Vienna he continued his teaching primarily in Munich at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater, where he worked as a professor of song interpretation for 28 years.

In addition he is a visiting professor at various other universities and is sought-after for an increasing number of masterclasses in Europe and the Far East. The young Swiss tenor Mauro Peter was one of his last students in Munich and has become one of his favourite recital partners.


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